Critical productivity tools for developers

Critical productivity tools for developers


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  1. Momentum
  2. Notion
  3. Bitly
  4. Grammarly
  5. App freezer


Momentum is a browser extension that replaces your boring browser default tab window with a beautiful picture and a warm greeting


Seeing this picture brings usually stirs up a warm feeling. You can then write your main focus for the day and be productive all day long


  1. Main focus for the day
  2. To-do list
  3. Beautiful background

It has a pro version that offers a Pomodoro timer. A Pomodoro timer is a timer that allows you to work in 25 minutes sprints, giving time for short rests and reviews. Learn more about the Pomodoro technique here.


  1. Google Chrome
  2. Microsoft Edge


notion all in one workspace.png

Notion is the all in one workspace for organizing your notes and writing. A wide variety of writeup can be created on Notion. From technical blog posts to fiction books to To-do lists. The best part about Notion is its widgets. From calendars to Kanban boards. This article was written in notion.

A few things I love about Notion

  1. Writing in Markdown which immediately gets converted to rich-text
  2. My notes are saved in the cloud and synced across all devices
  3. Being able to invite collaborators to comment on my write-up


  1. Desktop
  2. Mobile


power of the link.jpg

Link shorteners help you easily share links to people. Bitly is a great link shortener that offers:

  1. Custom backhalfs
  2. Click analytics

The pro version offers custom links. Great for your brand strategy.

Best features

  1. A chrome extension that enables you to shorten links in any tab or website
  2. A clipboard enhancer in mobile that enables you to shorten any copied link without opening the app


  1. Desktop
  2. Mobile



Grammarly is a great tool for correcting the errors in your writing. All you have to do is download the extension and never write another typo again.

Best features

  1. corrects your grammatical errors and
  2. provide insights on the tone of your speech

The pro version offers insights into your sentences.

Grammarly has a number of products which includes

  1. Mobile keyboard
  2. Desktop app
  3. Browser extension


  1. Desktop app
  2. Mobile keyboard
    1. Android
    2. iOS
  3. Chrome extension

App freezer

If you want to stay away from the social apps and stay productive, your app freezer would be of great help. All you have to do is freeze the distractive apps and convince yourself to not unfreeze them. If your device doesn't support it natively, you can download a custom freezer or app lock.

Wrap up

The software listed here can help you stay productive for longer periods. The most important thing to note is that they only help you so far. If you want to be productive, associate yourself with productive people that would push you and help you grow.

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