Earn Free Microsoft Certifications like a Boss

Earn Free Microsoft Certifications like a Boss


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Introduction: The Importance of Certifications

Enterprise software systems typically scale to the point that only qualified experts can utilize them. Examples include Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Certifications are usually required for an individual to prove that they can use such software at a professional level. You must pass a certification exam in order to earn such certifications.

For cloud-related software, companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon offer certifications in areas like Cloud Administration, Artificial Intelligence, and Solutions Architecture. Although certifications do not absolutely prove your expertise in a subject, they help you gain better recognition and better pay.

Earning Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft certification exams are written using exam vouchers. These vouchers can either be bought or earned as a gift. Buying these vouchers isn't an option for students and entry-level techies because they cost over $100. A more viable option for students and entry-level techies is gaining a free voucher. There are several ways to earn a free voucher. You can:

  1. Attend a Microsoft Virtual Training Day.
  2. Complete a Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge.
  3. Join programs catered for Microsoft upskilling like Azure Training With Andela.
  4. Become a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador and earn up to 7 free vouchers.
  5. Register for free examination offerings from companies like Cloud Ready Skills.

In this article, you will learn how to obtain free vouchers from Cloud Ready Skills.

Getting Started with Cloud Ready Skills

CloudReady Skills is a company that specializes in the full lifecycle of certification, from training to exam booking. They have a Microsoft Fundamentals Certification offer for you to earn up to 5 Microsoft Fundamentals Certifications before the end of May 2022. This offer is only limited to people who reside in Europe but can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world, using a VPN.

To get started, install a VPN on your computer. You can install Zen Mate VPN as a Chrome Extension. After installing the VPN, connect to a German or United Kingdom server.

Zen Mate VPN

Navigate to Cloud Ready Skills Europe landing page and find the list of available exams. Choose the one you want to take. It's recommended that you take Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) if you're new to Azure.

List of available exams

Registering for an exam on CloudReady Skills

After choosing your desired exam, you will be taken to the registration page. Fill in your first name, surname, email, school, and country.

Registration details

For country, select other from the list if you don't reside in Europe.


Check the confirmation boxes and click the submit button.

confirmation boxes

After submitting the form, you will be taken to a resources page where you will find:

  1. A prerecorded webinar that will give you an idea of the course.
  2. Links to Microsoft Learn where you can learn about the course.
  3. Instructions on Measureup and Certiport.

Your next task is to book a date for your exam. The exam is administered on Certiport. Certiport is a certification platform used by students to book exams.

Certiport registration prompt

Creating an account on Certiport

Navigate to the certiport registration page to begin the registration process. In the third step, you will be required to choose a student ID. This will serve as your Certiport username.

Student ID

After setting up your profile, you will be required to choose a purpose. Check the option of take or prepare for an exam.


On the program registration page, skip to the end and click next.

Certiport program registration page

You should land on a page with a congratulatory note.

Certiport Congratulatory note page

You can then proceed to your Cloud Ready Skills resources page, where you should enter your Certiport username. After submitting your Certiport username, a new form will appear on the certifications page, which you will use to book the exam. Enter your desired date and time and click book.


Note the date and time of the exam and block it on your calendar.

Preparing for your Exam

To prepare effectively for your exam, you'll want to split your preparation into 1 - 2 hour slots for 3 - 5 days a week. If you're less busy, you can prepare daily.

There are generally two ways of preparing: using text-based content or video content. If you prefer learning with text-based content, you will find Microsoft Learn as your perfect learning resource. Microsoft Learn is a platform where students and professionals can take text-based courses on various Microsoft Technologies. You can find links to the relevant courses on Microsoft learn on your resources page.

Link to Microsoft Learn

If you prefer learning with video, you can find relevant courses on Pluralsight, Freecodecamp YouTube Channel, and LinkedIn Learning. You simply need to search for the course name and watch the videos that come up. You can also check out Awesome Azure Learning Github Repo to find links and helpful guides to acing your Microsoft certification exams.

Do you know how it's simpler to read a comprehension chapter if you start with the questions? Certification exams follow a similar pattern. Knowing what questions you'll be asked cuts down on your preparation time. You can use exam dumps websites such as Exam Topics to gain a feel of your exam questions. Don't rely too much on the answers provided on such websites. Always verify the answers to questions by reading documentation.


The rate of growth of enterprise software spurred the creation of certifications to prove that individuals can use such software at a professional level. While certifications do not absolutely prove that you know how to use certain software, they help you gain more recognition and improve your chances of getting better roles.

Certification exams are usually expensive, but you can go around the costs by using free vouchers. There are several ways of obtaining free vouchers. CloudReady Skills offers students the chance to gain up to 5 Microsoft Fundamentals certifications through the Certiport platform.

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