Flutter development coming from a web background


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I delved into flutter on the 17th of February 2020. Since then, I've been trying to understand how to:

  1. Build layouts
  2. Handle state changes
  3. Save user data to disk

So far, I'm still confused about how many things work in Flutter. I'll talk about several aspects of Flutter development.


For starters, the dart language, though friendly, prevents seamless development. Probably because I don't know it in-depth. Having been using JavaScript for over a year, I've become accustomed to the functional approach JS devs use to write business logic. In Dart, most things are done in classes.

Errors and Debugging

One thing I enjoy about web development is the ease of debugging. This is probably due to familiarity. For the most part, I believe familiarity is all that is needed for any developer. Most times, I have no idea on the error message the dart interpreter is emitting.

Ease of development

Building web applications is simplistic. Especially when you aren't using a framework. All you need to do is write a bunch of markup and a few structures, style this markup and finally, make it interactive (frontend in this case). Flutter offers a different approach. Here almost everything is a widget, even styles. I actually dislike Styled Components. Seeing it in Flutter feels like I've met what I've always been running from.

Now, the fact that flutter compiles to several platforms is truly amazing. If you need a web version of your app, you don't need to write extra code. You just run the web build command!

I hope to get familiar with Flutter and Dart. I read somewhere that the best way to learn is to teach. I'll follow this approach to teach flutter on blogs and in workshops. Thanks for reading.