How To Add Application to App Tray in Ubuntu

How To Add Application to App Tray in Ubuntu

How to use Alacarte

Many Ubuntu applications that are downloaded from the internet don't get added to the launcher. Such applications are not searchable and require manual access through the file manager. alacarte is a menu editor for the Gnome desktop. It allows you to add, remove and edit items in the Gnome menu.

Using Alacarte

Step 1: Install alacarte from the ubuntu repositories

sudo apt install alacarte

Step 2: Run alacarte from the terminal or using the command function: alt + f2


Step 3: Click the new item button


Step 4: Fill in the details for the application.


In the case of applications with executables, using the file picker


Use an image when available for the icon.


Here's a link to the icon I used for alacarte.

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