Shortcut for `python` in Django

Shortcut for `python` in Django

Life is too short to keep typing python before every command in Django.

(venv) $ python runserver
(venv) $ python migrate
(venv) $ python makemigrations

You can use one of these solutions to simplify things.

Using the Django shortcuts package

The Django shortcuts package from PyPi is the silver bullet to this problem. All you need to do is install locally.

pip install django-shortcuts

And voila you can prepend Django to single letters

'c'  : 'collectstatic', # django c
'r'  : 'runserver',
'sd' : 'syncdb',
'sp' : 'startproject',
'sa' : 'startapp',
't'  : 'test',

If you'll like to learn a thing or two about shell scripts and aliases, you can use the methods below.

Using a shell script


  1. Create a django file in bin
    sudo nano /bin/django
    You can use an alternate text editor like gedit or vi.
  2. Add this code to the file
    python "$@"
  3. Make the file executable
    $ sudo chmod a+x /bin/django
  4. Run any command you wish
    (venv) $ django runserver
    (venv) $ django migrate
    (venv) $ django makemigrations

Much easier eh?

Using a bash alias

You can use a bash alias to achieve the same thing.


  1. Open the bashrc file using a text editor
    $ gedit ~/.bashrc
  2. Add this function to the file
     python "$@"
  3. Save the file
  4. Open a new terminal (doesn't take effect in previously open terminals)
  5. Try the commands
    (venv) $ django runserver
    (venv) $ django migrate
    (venv) $ django makemigrations

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